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Every wedding is a once in a lifetime event!

   It is a celebration of two people becoming one.  A wedding shouldn’t be boring, cliché, or cookie cutter. You’ve probably been to a reception where the DJ talked too much, said something inappropriate, had a tip jar, played cheesy songs all night, and dressed like he was at a themed event. We’ve heard all of the horror stories and are here to say,


“ We are not those guys "

   Selecting the right entertainment is an investment into your wedding’s success and one of the most important factors you will consider for your most special of days. At Party Solution Entertainment, we understand the importance of your celebration, and will create a stress-free entertainment experience that you will never forget. We believe in event personalization and utilizing a modern approach to wedding entertainment that will keep you in the spotlight without using “cheesy” outdated DJ techniques.

   From the elegance of your ceremony, the format of your cocktail hour…to your grand entrance music…through dinner…cake cutting and the dance segments of the reception, the staff at Party Solution will work directly with you to materialize your wedding vision to perfection. We do not utilize a “cookie cutter” approach to wedding entertainment because every affair is unique and every client is different. You may choose to plan your event “by the book” or choose to write your own chapters we will be there with you every step.


Remember that entertainment is the most important element to a successful reception.


Want to know more about our DJ selection process? Learn more about the Party Solution Method. Please give us a call (904) 503 4668 or fill out the request form and inform us a little about your vision.

Made daily by the Party Solutions Entertainment Team!

MITVAH...SWEET 16...QUINCEANERA...PROM...GRADUATION...We have the services guaranteed to satisfy! We play music from all the top radio stations and all of them are 100% clean edits, which means no inappropriate language. If we feel that a song is inappropriate, we simply will not play it. The high school level dances these days have to be not just a dance, but also a show! We bring the sound system that will guarantee to move your students - consisting of over 20,000 watts of power. Our lighting system is state of the art consisting of Lasers, Strobes, Club Lights, Trussing and much more!


Don’t forget the Photo Booth! Yes, we do that too and it will guarantee to have a long line the entire night.

We know you are busy with your regular job duties.

Want to be talked about at the water cooler as the person who organized the best corporate function since the send off party for the boss no one liked? Let us help! Whether you have been tasked with the holiday party, a retirement dinner, the employee appreciation celebration, or your group’s team building activity; let us help make it spectacular. We know you are busy with your regular job duties, so we want to make it easy for you to put together an outing or event that will be fun, memorable, and HR friendly.

We have over 50 years of experience within Party Solution Entertainment performing at thousands of parties, picnics, retirement dinners, sales meetings, and much more! With experienced emcees, state-of-the-art sound systems and well-rounded music libraries, we are the best choice for the next event you are planning. 


Who says you can't mix business and pleasure?

Make your event the talk of the town.

Party Solution can provide entertainment for many different occasions. No event is too big or too small. We can perform indoors or outside. Our DJs and MCs have experience entertaining for all age ranges. They know what will get the crowd involved and having FUN. Listed below are just a few examples of the types of events that we can help you with. Please give us a call to discuss the plans for your event.


Birthday      Graduation      Anniversary      Pool      Grand Openings      Fashion Shows      Neighborhood Party

New Year’s Eve Party       4th of July Party        Labor Day Party       Memorial Day Party      Theme Party

...and much, much more!

Raise some money while you raise the roof.

Here at PSE, we’re dedicated to helping and serving our local and surrounding communities. We donate time, giveaways, and raffle items as often as we can. We also donate our time and DJ for charitable events as well as holding our own events to raise money for charity.

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