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Every package is customizable!
We are the perfect mix of elegance & energy.


  • 1-man DJ/MC team

  • 4 hours of continuous music

  • custom party planning packet

(for music based on your preferences)

  • wireless microphone and event lighting

(for reception)


The ALL-inclusive service that made us one of the most recommended companies in North East Florida!

  • 1-man DJ/MC

  • 5 hours of continuous music

(from pre-ceremony to last dance)

  • custom party planning packet

(for music based on your preferences)

  • second location mini-setup w. Dual Mics

(for ceremony and cocktail hour)

  • wireless microphone and event lighting

(for reception)


  • Dj Kevin Tos guaranteed

  • 5 hours of continuous music

(from pre-ceremony to last dance)

  • custom party planning packet

(for music based on your preferences)

  • second location mini-setup w. Dual Mics

(for ceremony and cocktail hour)

  • wireless microphone and event lighting

(for reception)​


(Monogram, Uplighting, Club Lighting, Dancing on a Cloud, Cold Sparks, CO2 Cannons, Dj Furniture, TV's)​


This will be the reception of the year. NO other Dj company anywhere in the world can duplicate this package. Best part..... It's still cheaper than a band!

You won't have a care in the world with this package. All of your wedding visions will be exceeded. 

  • Dj Furniture w. Monogram

  • Full Room Uplighting

  • Club Lighting

  • Dancing on a Cloud

  • Cold Spark Machines​​


  • CO2 Cannons

  • Photobooth or 360

  • Live Musician

  • LED Dancefloor

  • Extra Setup/Time​​



PSE does more than just play music...

We are the entertainment you can hear, see, and feel!



   PSE provides addons that bring your event to life. Elegant lights and incredible decor can take your celebration to the next level by creating a mood and atmosphere to leave your guests breathless. Whether you want to make a dramatic entrance with tower lighting or evoke a sense of wonder across the room with a monogrammed dance floor, we can create the perfect atmosphere to match any moment. Our highly trained lighting specialist will ensure that any venue you choose for your event will be perfectly decorated for the occasion. With unsurpassed expertise in a variety of design and lighting techniques, PSE can create a package that's just right for you.


Contemplating a Band or DJ?

The combination of a PSE Musician and DJ are cost effective and occupy less space.


A musician for your ceremony, cocktail and dinner hours will add an intimate ambiance for your guests without costing you the energy and experience of a DJ.

First impressions are the most important.

Your guests will feel involved when they hear your officiant and, most importantly, your vows from their seats.


We will work with your officiant to help setup the right microphone combination to include readings from guests as well.


Transform your venue with wireless uplighting!

Searching for a way to modernize your event?


Uplighting will wow your guests by transforming your venue and adding ambiance. Clients consistently tell us that wedding lighting and event lighting has added more "pizazz" and garnered more compliments than any other decoration at their reception.


With state of the art equipment we have use of an infinite color palette and can match your napkins, centerpieces, bridesmaids dress, or any swatch with accuracy.


Intelligent Lighting isn’t just another element added to your wedding decor; it enhances, improves and transforms every other element of the room.


Most importantly, it creates a very unique vibe and atmosphere of your event.


It can be conservatively added to spotlight your entrance and 1st dance then later take you to a South Beach nightclub experience.


Your guests will RAVE about their experience.



Don’t let your beautiful centerpieces or cake go unnoticed!


Highlight important details of your event by pin spotting them.


A pin spot is a focused beam of light that shines directly onto an object and is a perfect solution to enhance specific items such as bars, centerpieces, signage, guest books or anything else you would like to draw attention to.

Nothing can create a more intimate atmosphere than string lights or as they are also called café lights, market lights, or bistro lights suspended just over your head on a warm Florida night.


Not only is it beautiful, but it’s completely functional as well, draped over an accent wall and dance floors to bring them out of the dark when the sun goes down.


What a perfect way to dress up an outdoor courtyard or reinvent your backyard for that party you’ve been planning.


Combining string lights with paper lanterns or hanging crystal arrangements are great options as well.


(We will not run string lights indoors.)


Want to add the most innovative addon?


We are pleased to provide Animated Monograms.


Our designer can customize your monogram with a variety of shapes, colors, and animations - projecting it on any surface including walls, drapery, TVs.




Our very own one-of-a-kind Video DJ Facade.


Names, logos, dates, and pictures, are just a few things that we can project.


Our animated monograms are custom made and are limited only by your imagination.

Monogram projection is the elegant final touch for a sophisticated event.


The first thing your guests will notice when they enter the room is your name/company logo, beautifully inscribed with light.


PSE will help you design a customized monogram according to your specifications that will be projected on the walls, ceiling, or dance floor of your venue.


If you already have a monogram created, we can utilize it to personalize your event in a beautiful and distinctive way.


Company and brand logo projections are also available and are a “must-have” for an elegant corporate party or gathering.




PSE will set the stage for one of the most important moments of your wedding reception: your first dance together as husband and wife…


We highly recommend having your first dance right after your grand entrance.


It is the most captivating part of the night and all eyes will be on you.


One way to really wow your guests during your first dance is an enhancement we offer called Dancing On A Cloud.


It utilizes dry ice and heated water to create a virtual cloud that stays low to the floor.


It is completely fire alarm safe and will not affect guests with respiratory illnesses.



Share your memories with your guests by adding TVs or a projection screen photo slideshow to your event.


We'll work with you to create the perfect soundtrack to pull as many tears and/or laughs as possible.


Combine your picture photo montage with digital photo booth shots, a live video feed, animated or static monogram, MTV & VH1 music videos and ambient designs and messages to create an incredible "visual experience!"


PSE's DJs will beat mix music videos right before your eyes!


Our music video library is the LARGEST in North Florida GUARANTEED.


Our visual techs the photo booth shots and balance the many visual effects to accompany your DJ throughout the reception.


Our Visual Experience Package includes your choice of 1-2-3 TVs or 1-2 projection screens.

If you’re ready to put on a show (even a little one), try having us make a mix for your first dance, flash mob, or father/daughter mother/son dance!


Here’s how it works:


Send the list of songs you’d like to use. It can be just a few, or as many as ten.  You can also include the timed portions of the songs you specifically want.


We mix the songs within my music production software and make sure transitions are pleasant sounding, purposeful, and easy to anticipate.


We'll set up a deadline and you will have plenty of time to rehearse your masterpiece; then, at your reception, you blow your guests away with a fun surprise!


Photo strips from a Photobooth are great party favors for your guests.


Adding the Photobooths to your affair has become "the norm" and is a great way to make your day even more memorable.


Our photobooths are a fantastic value! They are top quality, easy to use, equipped with plenty of props for your guests; and we staff them with the same trained professionals as our DJs.

It's a memorable experience, entertaining, and great fun...all at a reasonable price!

How Does It Work?

Guests Step Onto Booth

A high definition camera orbits around the guests.

Camera is capable of taking Slow Motion Video at 240 fps!

high speed video capture

The Camera Captures a 360 degree slow motion video.

The camera captures about a 3 second video of the guests acting Silly

Proprietary software

Our Exclusive and Proprietary Software transforms your video.

Our software take your 3 second video, turns into a 15-25 second SLOW MOTION VIDEO. Custom overlays are available. Music is added. Branding available.


Participants then share their video from their phones.

Once the participants have it, they are going to share it, and share it, and share it!


Screen Shot 2022-05-10 at 1.09.28 PM.png




Our Glam Booth is the ultimate experience for those looking for a 'Kardashian' type look. Whether you prefer black and white or color, we've got you covered! From weddings to corporate events, the Glam Experience is the perfect addition if you’re looking for some Hollywood magic. 


We’ve all seen the signature Kim Kardashian photo booth pictures.  Kim’s skin looks flawless as she poses in front of a clean white backdrop.  Great lighting, a highly reflective backdrop, and DSLR cameras are all components of what makes these images so great. But the secret to the flawless skin is the use of a custom smoothing filter. Until now, that Kim K magic has been available at a price tag that only celebrities could afford.


Smoothing Filter

Our custom filter will help smooth skin, reduce blemishes, and give you that angelic glow that until now only celebrities have been able to enjoy.

4x6 Prints

Our classic 4x6 single photo prints. These prints are a classy keepsake for guests of any type of event.

Logo Watermarking 

From monograms to logos, all of our GlamBooths   include logo watermarking on both print and digital copies.

Black and White or Color

Let your guests choose if they want black and white or color. Or, take the guess work out and chose in advance which option you prefer.

Ultra Tension Backdrop

Our highly reflective tension all white backdrop ensure a clean, classic look. 

What you get:

Don't forget our Getaway Car! 

Photo Dec 29 2022, 1 12 12 AM
Photo Jan 24 2023, 2 17 38 PM (1)
Photo Jan 12 2023, 3 31 44 PM
Photo Sep 17 2022, 4 28 39 PM
Photo Sep 17 2022, 4 33 31 PM




We want to hear all about your vision.

We have a long list of discounts and must hear about your event before quoting.

Discounts include preferred venue, day of the week, time of day, time of year, veterans, the list goes on...

So contact us to tell us more.

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